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Coin & Currency

We offer a wide variety of coin and currency collectors.

Conlux - CV1000 Bill Validator

CV1000 Bill ValidatorHigh performance delivered at a value-for your operation and bottom line.

The CONLUX CV1000 delivers high performance to the value conscious operator. Built upon the MEI CONLUX® heritage of market leading bill validators, the CONLUX CV1000 is simple to operate and offers solid reliability.

Accepts notes from $1-$20 at a 95% acceptance rate or greater. 4-way bill acceptance is now offered in the Conlux brand with the CV1000. Sensors for validation are all optical technology and boast dual pellet sensing.

Market your business with coupons! The CV1000 offers more coupon options to operators than previous Conlux validators. Select from four different versions, which include a secure, low cost option.
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Conlux - MCM5 coin Changer

Conlux - MCM5Defining simple and delivering value–for operators and to the bottom line.

With a heritage of reliability and performance, the MCM5 is poised to deliver even more value and simplicity to operators than its predecessor model.
Like the CCM5, its diversion path is designed to resist salt water vandalism and damage – enhancing changer durability.

Program to the float level of your choice with float buttons on the MCM5 discriminator or with a CPM (coin programming module). Float up or down with the touch of a button or float between two preset factory float levels: $34 or $52. It’s simply your choice.

Fill tubes with more coins. Larger tubes fit and accept 2 full rolls of coins. Alleviate change starvation issues and costly service calls to replenish cassettes with the increased capacity. Read coin tube amounts faster with discernible tube fill lines marked on the cassette.
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MEI - CASHFLOW 3-in-1 Validator

MEI - CASHFLOW 3-in-1 ValidatorThe ultimate payment device – to optimize and customize the point of sale.

Optimize location profits by introducing credit card and bill recycling in one device.

Optimize the customer’s experience with the 3-in-1 validators’ brilliant display.
Customize each machine location to meet your specific point-of-sale needs.
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MEI - CASHFLOW VNR Vending Recycler

MEI CASHFLOW VNR Vending RecyclerMake your business more accurate, flexible, easier to manage and, ultimately, more profitable.

Unique to the industry, sensors inside the MEI VNR Recycler module detect when the unit has been opened. Once closed, the module will recalibrate, accounting for any change to the bill level on the recycler, improving cash accuracy in the machine. high acceptance rates coupled with accurate bill recognition are ensured through the validator’s fully encased optical sensors.

Selecting an MEI VNR Recycler is just the beginning: with customization options, you can tailor its feature sets to your business. Add a VNR Recycler module to your MEI validator at any time. Or, as locations require, customize your VNR Recycler with one of the many CASHBOX and BEZEL OPTIONS available to you.
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MEI CASHFLOW VN2700 Bill Validator

MEI CASHFLOW VN2700 Bill ValidatorIt’s the industry’s model bill validator. It boasts roots, reliability, flexibility and performance.

More than 14 years ago, engineers at MEI delivered a payment system to the market that earned a reputation for reliability and performance.

Today, the CASHFLOW VN2700 builds on these roots and delivers even more features and benefits to today’s operator. Flexible options, accuracy and high acceptance rate make it the envy of the industry.

Beyond these benefits, its long operating life gives it the lowest cost of ownership in the marketplace. With over 3 million installs in the field, it’s the validator that vending operators have come to rely on to make a profitable point of difference at the point of sale.
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MEI CASHFLOW 4-in-1 Validator

MEI CASHFLOW 4-in-1 ValidatorPacked with operator- and consumer-pleasing features.

The 4-in-1 offers consumers payment options similar to those found in convenience stores, featuring an express transaction with contactless payment. With one wave, consumers can make a purchase and be on the move. Factor in the 4-in-1’s easy-to-read, high-contrast display that points to and explains all transaction activity – and you’ve re-defined “convenience”. Simply follow the bright LED lights to your payment choice!

When introducing credit card payment technology into your machines, compatibility is key. With the 4-in-1, leveraging cashless payments is easy: interface with a MEI® EASITRAX® RDP, EASITRAX®Advance 5000™, or other compatible industry telemeters, to process credit transactions. Or link your 4-in-1 bezel to a back-end PC through a MEI-provided Application Programming Interface (API) and run any retail back end. The 4-in-1 validator is ready now for “mobile wallet” wave technology, giving your site the flexibility to transition
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MEI CASHFLOW Combo Validator

MEI CASHFLOW Combo ValidatorGive your customers a choice – and give your business an advantage – with the series 2000 combo acceptor from MEI.

With the MEI series 2000 Combo Acceptor, your vending machine can handle whatever form of payment your customers prefer: credit card, debit card, cash or MEI coupons. This kind of convenience means customers are more likely to buy from you and less likely to walk away empty-handed — increasing your sales and helping you win and retain high-traffic locations.

Credit card and debit card consumers will appreciate the convenience of paying with credit and the fast, secure transactions that can be canceled with just the touch of a button.
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MEI - Cashflow 7000

MEI Cashflow 7000The smart choice for coin management. It’s field proven.

The CASHFLOW Series 7000 has been the reliable choice in over 1 million operator installations since its release. The industry’s first coin manager goes beyond just accepting and dispensing coins. It helps operators make smarter decisions. Unique tracking and diagnostic capabilities give operators the tools and business information they need to better manage their cash and increase profits. The CASHFLOW 7000 provides a low cost of ownership to operators because it is a low maintenance device that’s built to last and perform.

The intuitive design of the CF7000’s Smart Menu simplifies training and is available in 10 languages. Software downloads are easily done through the CPM (changer programming module).
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MEI - CASHFLOW HVB High Visibility Bezel

MEI CASHFLOW HVB High Visibility BezelAttract more attention. Encourage more sales.

The MEI High Visibility Bezel (HVB) will brighten up your profitability. Its vivid, bright, low-powered LED illumination catches the customer’s attention and clearly indicates which denominations the vending machine accepts.

The High Visibility Bezel (HVB) from MEI is designed to heighten consumer awareness of the vending machine offerings, promote acceptance of higher denomination bills, and alert the customer to which denominations the vending machine accepts.
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Pyramid - Apex 7000 Series

MEI CASHFLOW HVB High Visibility BezelAttract more attention. Encourage more sales.

The Apex 7000 makes the best bill acceptor in the industry even better. The Apex 7000 harnesses the reliability of the Apex 5000 and adds customer driven improvements including dip switches for ease of use.

Features include: Lighted arrows on bill entry mechanism capture interest and increase usage, High security against fraudulent bills, Flash updates using a PC, Multiple interfaces available, Pinouts compatible with other manufacturers, Dual-stage optical anti-stringing technology, 12VDC standard or optional 120VAC internal power supply, Bills up to 72mm wide accepted, and Automatic self-calibration; no user calibration required

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